Monthly Archives: November 2020

Successful Holiday Direct Mail tips

You need to start you holiday tactics now! The statistics show that 41% of Americans, of all ages, look forward to checking their mail each day* this makes direct mail the perfect channel to target prospects and re-engage with your existing customers by personalized promotions. Millennial even embrace direct mail with a whopping 57% having…
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Midlantic Member Spotlight

Betty is back in town… -- the return of Betty “Mah-velous” Mackey to Midlantic Marketing. We are expecting great things from Betty as she draws on her decades of experience in the Sales and Marketing Fields. Betty has an extensive knowledge of the list and database marketing where she received her start. She was known…
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Who is Midlantic Marketing Solutions?

Midlantic Marketing quite simply offers Solutions to all your marketing needs. Midlantic has custom direct mail at wholesale prices, or as we like to call it – Buy Factory Direct! We create, print, finish, process and deliver to the post office from our 15,000 sq. ft. facility. We ensure you get a high quality product,…
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